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Fire Retardant Coverall

Our products are high quality Functional Products, has an international standard as well as tested on an ongoing basis with Maxx Cover as the brand.



  1. Made of 100% Cotton so it doesn’t feel hot when worn
  2. Coloured with high quality dyes refers to the Oeko-Tex 1000 that is environment friendly textiles, has a very good wash fastness, light fastness and chemicals used in laundering.
  3. Available in various selected colors, such as royal blue, navy blue, red, olive, and orange that absorbs lower sun’s heat energy than black color so it doesn’t feel hot when worn.
  4. Stiched by Flame Retardant Thread, a sewing thead made by Coats Indonesia that has an international standard.
  5. Equipped with Flame Retardant Zipper that met international standards for NFPA 2112 to ensure safety for users.
  6. Equipped with Snap Button Nickel-free which is rust-free to avoid irritation and safe for the users.
  7. Finally equipped with Flame Retardant Tape that has international standards which can emit light in dark or bright places to ensure safety during working specifically in the area that has high-risk and dangerous with harmful heavy equipments.


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